Stem cell therapy and Treatment

With the advancement in the stem cell treatment many fatal and deadly diseases related to the heart, nervous system, various types of cancers such as Blood cancer, lymphoma or bet it anti aging treatments have got an answer. It has revolutionized the modern methods of cure.

Stem cells have the ability to develop and distinguish into any genre of cell in the body. These cells are infused into the affected and damaged areas of the body, they refurbish themselves into new cells and self renew them. These cells can transform themselves into blood cells or nerve cells and even muscle cells.

The stem cells are found within a budding embryo. The stem cells taken from the bone marrow facilitate in treatment of fatal diseases like cancer. They can also develop into various muscles such as the cardiac muscle or skin tissues and fat tissues. Stem cells therapy is also used for treatment of brain haemorrhage or fatal liver problems.

Treatment through Stem cell is mainly be divided into two genres i.e. the Allogenic stem cell treatment and the Autologous stem cell treatment

In the former case, the patient is healed with the use of donated stem cell, but this has its limitation as it can be discarded by the patient’s body.

The latter form of treatment i.e. the Autologous stem cell is more prominently used as it is more successful. In this case the patient’s own stem cells are taken to cure specific diseases this is obtained through the patient’s bone marrow or from the blood in the body.

This new age technique of treatment has enhanced the quality of life. The study and advancement made in the field of stem cells, has also given way to understanding how many diseases occur and the subsequent precautionary control towards such fatal diseases. This is made possible by observing and analyzing how these stem cells mature into various cells in the body.

The rise in the field of stem cell use has also given breakthrough success in the field of transplantation method of cure.

Another very effective use of stem cells is to apply it on new medicine and drugs made, before it is put to test on people, for instance muscle cell could be generated in order to test a new medicine for muscular diseases. The outcome of the test can assure for any adverse affect on the cells.

Today numerous researchers vouch for the potential of the stem cell method of cure. Stem cells have a wide array of its sources, right from the budding embryo to adult cells to the possibility of donated cells, from retrieving it either from the one’s bone marrow or body fat or blood. It is the answer to many fatal diseases and also exterior issues such as anti aging. It has led to a new era of addressing lifestyle diseases and shows a huge potential in the field of regeneration of cells for treatment.

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