Gynecological Cancer Symptoms that Should Never Be Ignored

A majority of people who die from medical complications could have been saved. This is only if they had had the issues diagnosed well in advance. A good number of young, vibrant women lose their lives to cancer every single year. This is because the cancers were diagnosed at their advanced stages. This makes them difficult to treat. Female cancers such as breast, cervical and ovarian cancers are among the leading causes of death in women today. This is why it is important to seek the services that holistic gynecology NYC has to offer.

Gynecology is one of the most sensitive forms of medical care. Generally, medical care is a sensitive field because you will be dealing with people’s issues and secrets and their lives are in your hands. Gynecology involves assessing the most secret aspects of an individual. These medical practitioners want to know about your sex life and sometimes even your sexual orientation. They are going to be dealing with the most intimate parts of your body. This is not easy for most patients but then it is important.

Cancer symptoms that must be addressed

Breast cancer is probably one of the easiest to detect. In fact, you might be able to detect it on your own at home. When you feel a lump in your breasts, then you need to be checked instantly. The checkup will reveal what kind of lumps are present; are they cancerous or benign? It is worth mentioning that not all breast lumps are cancerous. This is why it is important to seek the care of your gynecologist. They are in a better position to advise you on what needs to be done next. Lumps in the breast however need to be treated as medical emergencies.

Between-period bleeding is never normal. Therefore, when you pay a visit to your doctor, you should notify them if you are spotting between them. Bleeding that comes about and is not as a result of your usual monthly cycle can be caused by so many factors. What you want your doctor to do is rule out the possibility of endometrial cancer- cancer of the uterine lining. If you are bleeding after menopause, then you should be checked as well.

With the best holistic gynecology NYC has to offer, you will not get pap smears and some other painful cancer diagnostic methods done on you. They are going to be checking for skin changes as well. Moles on the skin and some other spots are a common sign of skin cancer. Women are more prone to skin cancers than men are. This is because of cosmetics that are used by women. Holistic gynecology does not focus only on the reproductive health; they take into consideration the general health of the individual. When that mole on your skin changes in shape, size or color, then that could probably be cancer and you do not want to wait for it.

Another symptom that you should not ignore is abdominal pain that makes it hard to walk. There is the abdominal pain that comes with menstrual cramps, but then there is also that one that comes with cervical cancer and other gynecological cancers. If you have a persistent pain in your abdominal region, you might want to pay a visit to your gynecologist as soon as possible.


Keeping in touch with your gynecologist is one of the best things that you can do for yourself as a woman. There are ob-gyn clinics that are offering 24 hour urgent care in the event that you have a gynecological emergency. You simply need to get to the clinic and you will receive the medical treatment that you need.

4 stages of liver cancer

The 4 Stages Of Liver Disease
The 4 Stages Of Liver Disease are Inflammation,Fibrosis,Cirrhosis,Cancer

Stage one Inflammation
The liver can get inflamed due to certain conditions, use of alcohol and certain chemicals. The conditions that can cause liver inflammation are Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Autoimmune Hepatitis, and Wilson’s disease. Extensive alcohol use also causes inflammation of the liver. Some drugs and industrial pollutants may affect the liver. Inflammation is characterized by redness, swelling, heat and possible pain in the liver.

Stage two Fibrosis

The second stage of liver disease is fibrosis or scar tissues. After the liver has been inflamed for a long period, connective tissues of the liver accumulate. At this stage the liver functions slowly degrade.

Stage three Cirrhosis

The third stage of liver disease is called cirrhosis. When liver has been damaged due to inflammation and fibrosis, it does not function properly. Accumulation of scar tissues blocks blood flow through the liver, preventing it from functioning normally. Some of the symptoms of end stage cirrhosis are edema, bruising and bleeding, jaundice, gallstones, and an increase of toxins in the blood, enlarged blood vessels, and diabetes.

Stage four Cancer

If liver disease is not treated in the earlier three stages, cancer may develop. Liver cancer, or hepatocellular carcinoma, affects approximately 4% of patients with cirrhosis. A liver transplant is one of the options for treating liver cancer.

Inflammation, Fibrosis,Cirrhosis,Cancer are the four stages of Liver Disease.

Misdiagnosis of Heart Cancer

The thought that your doctor might have gotten something wrong is a scary one – but it is more common than you might think. The body is an extremely complex machine, and without clinical conditions to observe symptoms in, 110% accurate reports of occurrences, and a microscope attached permanently to their eyes, doctors cannot be right all of the time. Heart cancer is one of the things which can be misdiagnosed – and in fact, there are a couple of common diseases that cause heart cancer. Heart cancer in these cases is a symptom, rather than the problem. We investigate heart cancer symptoms and look at how you might find a heart cancer cure, by fixing simple and common diseases.

Heart cancer in single form is actually extremely rare. Over 12,487 autopsies performed, only seven of these recorded tumors of the heart. Heart cancer is like any other cancer – there is usually a tumor, which is uncontrolled growth of the normal tissues that make up the organ (primary tumor). There are different types of heart cancer – rhabdomyosarcomas, angiosarcomas, myxosarcomas, fibrosarcomas, leiomyosarcomas, reticulum cell sarcomas, and liposarcomas. These are the malignant tumors of the heart- about 20% of heart tumors are malignant. Heart cancer can cause death by blocking the blood flow into or out of the heart, causing a heart attack. They may also have neurologic symptoms.

However, heart cancer is also known to be caused by other diseases, and cancers from other parts of the body can spread to the heart. Melanoma is a likely culprit for this, as are cancers of the bone marrow, skin and intestine. The other diseases which can cause heart cancer may surprise you – syphilis can cause heart cancer, as can tuberous sclerosis. Syphilis is common in undeveloped countries, and is definitely not unknown in the Western world. TSC is also known worldwide.

Syphilis can cause heart cancer. This is a sexually transmitted disease which is caused by a bacteria. It is widely known to cause mental disturbances if left untreated, but it is less known that it can also cause heart cancer if not recognized. Syphilis can also cause serous damage to the brain, eyes and bones if not treated. It is characterized by a lesion at the point of contact with another infected person – this is usually through sexual contact, but can also be on the hands or anywhere else. This sometimes heals spontaneously, and there are usually no other symptoms at the same time. Secondary syphilis develops after the sore has healed, and causes fever, sore throat, enlarged glands, and weight loss. A rash appears on the extremities. If you have had syphilis, but not developed secondary symptoms, you may develop heart cancer as soon as a year after this initial infection.

TSC may be incorrectly diagnosed as heart cancer – or your heart cancer may be treated, but return because it is due to underlying tuberous sclerosis. This is a rare disorder that causes benign tumors to grow in the brain and other vital organs … like the heart. If seizures, developmental delays, skin abnormalities, lung or kidney disease is noted in conjunction with heart cancer, a person may have tuberous sclerosis. It is worth investigating this, and always getting a second opinion.

The thought that a doctor may get something wrong may be scary, but is no reason to feel disempowered. You can do much to help your own health, simply by researching as you are doing now, and arming yourself with information. Engage in activities like home research, and medical tourism, to help keep yourself healthy, and always get a second opinion!

Know Clearly The Symptoms Of Cancer

Symptoms For Cancer.

Many people suffering with cancer also have post-traumatic stress disorder, commonly known as PTSD. If you notice that you have any of the symptoms of PTSD, you should immediately get help from a professional. Symptoms of PTSD include aversion to people or places, flashbacks of events, irrational fears, and changes in your sleep patterns.

The one big benefit from having survived cancer is that you now know what the signs and symptoms of the disease are, so make sure you’re fully aware of any changes in your life so that you can catch it in time. If you have any symptoms of the cancer returning rush to get help while you are still able.


Keep up a healthy, active lifestyle. Eat healthy, nutritious foods and exercise when possible. Keeping active can help you cope better with treatment and lead to a longer life. Also be sure to get enough sleep, which will help alleviate some of the stress of cancer treatment and fend off fatigue.
TIP! If you are taking medication for cancer, it is important to always eat three meals a day. Even if you are not feeling very well, try to eat a little something.

To combat the fatigue that accompanies cancer treatment and get through your daily routine, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Enlist family, friends, and neighbors to help out with running errands and chores around the house. Being of assistance will make them feel useful and will allow you to get things done.

Be sure to get plenty of rest if you are a cancer patient. Your body needs all of the energy that it can get. So, it is okay to give in to the fatigue that you are feeling. If you are having a hard time sleeping, talk to your doctor.


Pay close attention to your temperature. You are extremely susceptible to infections 7-12 days after your chemo treatment. If you notice any signs of a fever, get to your doctor as quickly as possible. Be sure to wash your hands regularly and avoid contact with anyone who may be ill.
TIP! Mood swings and other similar symptoms are natural for those suffering from cancer. Knowing this can help you prepare for what you will encounter if you or a loved one are suffering with cancer.

Be cautious of contracting a bacterial infection when you’re receiving chemotherapy. After a week or so into the treatment, you can spike a brutal fever and even become septic (blood poisoning). Be very aware of what’s going on with your body in order to keep your strength and health up.

Know the warning signs of cancer and see your doctor right away for treatment, as this provides the best chance of cure/survival. Watch for any lumps, discharges, fatigue, unusual bowel movement patterns, or weight loss that can’t be explained, as well as hoarseness and a prolonged cough. These symptoms can indicate a variety of conditions, which is why it is wise to speak with your doctor to find out what the problem is.

Weight Loss.

It is best if you realize that your body will change physically with cancer. Whether it’s the possibility of hair falling out through chemo therapy or extreme weight-loss, you should understand that you are going to undergo a physical change with most types of cancers. Preparing now can save a shock later.
TIP! It is important to learn as much about cancer as possible when you are diagnosed with it. There are things that can be done to make the symptoms more manageable at times but you need to take the prerogative to learn what they are and incorporate them into your life.

Colon cancer is hard to detect due to a lack of easily detectable symptoms in earlier stages, so there should be much alarm if you do start to see symptoms, such as cramping, thin stools, unexplainable weight loss and bloody stools. If you experience these symptoms, call a doctor immediately.

The best defense against cancer is to be familiar with the symptoms of the different types, such as colon cancer. Losing weight rapidly and unexpectedly, dark feces and cramping are just a few of the symptoms of colon cancer. So make sure you get yourself checked out if any of these symptoms occur.

As a preventative measure, some women who are genetically predisposed to breast cancer, may have a mastectomy. Chemotherapy is often able to kill cancerous cells, but it also affects normal cells leading to anemia, hair loss and other side effects. Hormone therapy can sometimes cause certain types of tumors to regress. New treatments are being researched and developed on a continuous basis.

Facts about Mesothelioma and its diagnosis

Mesothelium is the Latin word and the medical expression for the thin layer that covers most of the organs inside the human body. Therefore, the cancer that develops within that particular area is called Mesothelioma.

Typically, people who used to work with asbestos are at a significantly higher risk to develop the disease, as they unavoidably inhaled small dust particles and fiber on their job. Some studies suggest that in some cases even some of their family members did get Mesothelioma, because they came in direct contact with the material, since the person brought it back home in his “contaminated clothes”.

For a long time, there was a debate as to whether or not Mesothelioma could also be linked to smoking, like lung cancer, for instance. And even though there doesn’t seem to be a direct link, smoking definitely increased the risk of developing any asbestos induced cancer and a myriad of other diseases.

You probably already heard about the huge amounts of money involved in cases that were brought to court regarding Mesothelioma class actions. If you want to read more about that topic, please feel free to visit my Mesothelioma website – the link is in the author’s box below.

Most new Mesothelioma diagnoses were made in patients who likely had the disease already for many years or even decades – of course, unbeknownst to the victims. This cancer is a slow-grower, which is probably true for most of the cancers in general.

To give you an example: on October 1st of 2009, I was diagnosed with Renal Cell Carcinoma, also know as Kidney Cancer. The tumor was 6.5 cm big and had taken over the majority of my left kidney. Since there was no way to save the organ, it was removed via a radical robotic left laparoscopic nephrectomy.

Given the size of the tumor and its characteristics, the doctors assume that it probably started to form 20 years ago, which would take me back prior to my 20th birthday. You see, some cancers are not easy to diagnose, because it can take many years until the first signs start to surface.

Well, Mesothelioma is no exception. Patients might encounter being short on breath, chest pain and significant and rapid changes of their weight. A doctor will likely order X-rays and a CT scan to get a better picture of the situation. Lastly, only a biopsy can either confirm or not confirm if the patient has developed the cancer.

Unfortunately, this form of cancer has a poor prognosis. However, in the past few years medicine has come a long way and introduced some promising chemotherapy protocols, that eat least give the cancer patient a better quality of life.

The earlier the cancer is being detected, the better are the chances to treat it effectively.

What to Do About Pearly Penile Papules

Men who have pearly penile papules are usually very conscious of their condition and mostly think that these bumps in their penis are a source of embarrassment. Having these tiny tags in the penis can cause a man to lose confidence in their self-image and even sexual performance. Most of them would initially think they are doomed with some sexually-transmitted disease. The truth is, men with pearly penile papules need not be worried, at least health-wise, because this condition does not signify any health condition. They are simply an unfortunate cosmetic situation that afflicts some men, usually those in their 20s up to their 40s. The condition does not endanger their physical health, nor is it contagious. However, it can destroy an otherwise healthy self-esteem, especially with men who equate their physical appearance with confidence.

Pearly penile papules are not malignant and the papules themselves should not cause any discomfort, pain or irritation. Penile papules have been reported to disappear after years, although some papules can grow back to replace the ones that disappeared, until a man reaches his 50s. Peace of mind regarding this “problem” can be achieved by people with this condition with the correct information.

Concern 1: What to do with penis spots or bumps that leak or ooze

A man who finds his papules leaking, weeping or oozing must consult a physician as soon as possible, because he does not have penile papules. Pearly penile papules do not ooze, leak or weep, which is why they are not health hazards. If something oozes or leaks some kind of moisture, it may be a pimple, wart, an STD infection, or cancer. Thus, these leaking bumps must be treated properly.

Concern 2: Self-diagnosing a Penile Papule Condition

Men who know about penile papules may prefer to diagnose themselves and try to self-medicate because they may have read that these are not really dangerous to one’s health after all. However, there are some health conditions that bring the same symptoms as penile papules. It would be wise to have a doctor’s opinion regarding any growth on the penile skin. Someone diagnosing himself wrongly may end up getting into a worse condition. If what a guy has is indeed pearly penile papules, then at least he does not have to worry and can carry on with life as usual. On the other hand, if what a guy has is not penile papules, then ignorance of the condition is definitely not bliss.

Concern 3: Effectiveness of Home Treatment

As of the moment, men who claim to have their penile papules treated by materials found at home are few and far between. Some guys claim that toothpaste works, some endorse anti-pimple creams, while others even promote circumcision. As of the moment, the only medically proven manner of removing these bumps is by laser treatment. Laser treatment is fast, gets rid of the bumps quickly, and does not require a recovery period. Other procedures like cryotherapy and excision surgery may also be considered. Take note that these procedures can cost quite a sum, not to mention they may leave small scars in the area. But then, the scars may not look as ghastly as the pearly white bumps.

5 Amazing Benefits Of Stem Cell Banking

Stem cells are the undifferentiated biological cells. They can be used to create any kind of cell types within the body. Also can repair the infected tissues throughout the body. These cells can be used to rebuild the immunity system of the body and can also be used to in the treatment of cancer, immune system related diseases, neurological and blood-related diseases.

Following are the advantages individuals can get from stem cell banking:

1-Reinforcing and Reproducing Blood and boosting Immune System:

Stem cells present in cord blood of the baby are utilized to treat about 80 incapacitating maladies and have been utilized as a part of more than 30,000 transplants. One of the chance when the baby suffers from any kind of sickness, which must be treated with chemotherapy or radiation, there is a likelihood of a negative effect on the immune system of the body. In the event that the cord blood of the baby was already stored in the bank, the saved umbilical cord blood stem cells may be utilized to reinforce and repopulate the kid’s blood and resistance system.

2-Simple Extraction:

It is very simple to extract stem cells from cord tissue and umbilical cord blood. Also, the extraction procedure is painless as well as risk-free for both baby and mother. On the other hand, bone marrow transplant which is another method for collecting the stem cells is painful, risky and expensive, but the stem cell storage complete replace the bone marrow transplant.

3-A Probable Sibling Match and Perfect Lifetime Self-Match:

Matching stem cells, which are important for transplant, are hard to get because of strict matching prerequisites, however, the baby’s stem cells will be and the appropriate lifetime match for him/her.

The baby’s cord blood stem cells additionally have a 25% chance of an immaculate match for a kinfolk and a half chances are there for partial match. Utilizing hereditary related stem tissues, which are free from the sickness being treated, frequently brings about effective transplants with less complication for a family member.

4-Engraftment (transplanted cells reproducing in the host) rate is high:

Cord blood undifferentiated cells have a high rate of engraftment and are tolerant of HLA jumbles than bone marrow transplantation procedure.

5-Quickly available for the treatment:

Cord blood stem cells which are stored in the stem cell banks can be fetched easily, individuals can order their required stem cells online, with which they do not have to give any extra money for the stem cell delivery as the stem cell storage banks are currently supplying free delivery of the stem cells throughout the world.

Following are the list of diseases that can be cured by Stem cell therapy:

Immune system diseases:
for example:
Hystiocytic disorders, chronic Granulomatous Disease, Leukocyte Adhesion Deficiency, Wiskott- Aldrich Syndrome, Severe Combined Immunodeficiency.

Blood disorders:
For example sickle cell disease, Fanconi anaemia, severe aplastic anaemia, thalassemia, refractory anaemia.

For example:
High-risk solid tumors, acute leukaemia, neuroblastoma, chronic leukaemia, multiple myeloma, myelodysplastic syndrome.

When Physicians Fail To Follow Up After PSA Results Reveal The Possibility Of Prostate Cancer

Men frequently possess a poor understanding of prostate cancer, their own risk for the cancer, and the ways in which they can figure out whether they have prostate cancer. Many men have minimal, if any, idea of the merit of screening for prostate cancer or of the recommendations for when they should start screening, how often to screen, and how to interpret the test results. They put their confidence in their physician to do whatever is appropriate to diagnose any cancer early and cure them.

There are several various factors that might result in a delayed diagnosis. One common type of medical error that forms the basis for these cases arises when a man’s primary care physician (1) actually screens the individual for prostate cancer by tracking the level of PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) in his system, (2) records abnormally elevated amounts of PSA and but (3) neither tells him of abnormal results (and what they signify) nor orders diagnostic tests, like a biopsy, to eliminate prostate cancer. Examine the following lawsuit, for example:

In this reported claim a male patient found out he had prostate cancer after he followed up when advised by his internist that he most likely had cancer. The problem in this case was that the physician did not tell the patient that he could have cancer until the third year of elevated PSA test results. The year before the patient’s PSA level had gone up to 13.6. Two years prior to that it had been at 8.0 During these years the internist did nothing to rule out prostate cancer as the cause of these elevated readings and did not inform the patient. More testing uncovered that by now the patient had metastatic prostate cancer. A prostatectomy was now not a choice. Treating physicians alternatively recommended radiation therapy and hormone therapy. Neither of these would cure the cancer but they might obstruct the cancer’s advancement and additional spread. The law firm that handled this matter reported that they took the case to mediation where they were able to obtain a settlement of $ 600,000.

However doing nothing after noting abnormal test results brings about a situation in which those patients who do actually have prostate cancer may not discover they have it until it has spread outside the prostate, decreasing the patient’s options for treatment, and considerably reducing the likelihood that the patient will be able to survive the cancer.

They should at least tell the patient that the results of the screening tests are abnormal and refer him to a urologist. Another option is to order recommend diagnostic testing, such as a biopsy.

As the above lawsuit demonstrates doctors sometimes comply with the guidelines by performing screening for prostate cancer yet when the test results are abnormal they fail to follow through.

What Causes Breast Cancer

How exactly breast cancer develops is still very uncertain, but there are classic signs that point to its development. Some signs, also known as risk factors, can be found in almost everyone, and having some or all of them does not ensure the possibility of developing the disease. Just by judging by these signs, one can never really know if the cancer can develop, and they should never be the only yardstick in formulating your chances of getting breast cancer. Just like there are way too many factors in determining your risk of getting a car accident if you sit in a car, so many factors play a role in causing breast cancer that an exact cause is very tricky to blame.

A statistical and empirical fact is that, with age, the chances of getting the cancer increase. This is a very vital piece of information and can not be discarded. Statistics also show that your risk of getting breast cancer go up if your immediate family has a history of breast cancer, and thus scientists argue that breast cancer can be genetically transmitted, or is hereditary. Unanimously, no one agreed race plays a role here, but individual studies say contrasting things. Statistics show women who bear children late in life have a higher risk factor, but it’s also true that they’re older. Some men do get breast cancer, though their number is very low compared to the female victims.

A hot research topic is trying to determine whether contraceptive and preventive birth control measures increase the risk factor for breast cancer. This topic has been a favorite debating topic among researchers, but nothing can be said about it until more conclusive researches are done.

Alcohol is said to increase the risks considerably, but as it goes, alcohol can increase the risks for any type of cancer. Cutting down the number of alcoholic beverages you consume is a good idea, and if your risk factor is high, total abstinence from alcohol helps.

Obese people or people with weight and dietary issues have a higher risk factor, too. Obesity and weight problems degrade generals health and create problems in many organs, breast being one. The preventive measure is simply exercising more frequently, and more thoroughly. Prevention has a major role to play in the fight against breast cancer.

Like it’s said, the causes for getting breast cancer can be many and varied, and it’s not possible to understand the key factor that leads to it. However, there is a lot of research going on in this field, and someday, the key might be discovered. With that, we can prevent many women from getting ailed, diagnose lots of others early and save them from the misery of living through the disease, and cure so many others who could have just lost hope.