Workplace Health Program Stops Smoking

Workplace health can be the foundation to turning around the world?s healthcare woes. More than any other place, the average person spends more time in the office and any policies at work that relate to health have a direct or indirect effect on the entire healthcare system. By having a good program at work, employees can live happier healthier lives that means cost savings to both companies and the nation.

Workplace health is as said, very influential as it can affect entire populations. Employees who learn and are educated in the office can pass down the learning to their children, as everything eventually boils down to the family level. It is wise that both company and government work side by side to better able solve the healthcare crisis everyone is facing today.

This article discusses common workplace health programs that not just affect companies but entire nations. We take a closer look at health programs aimed to detect and educate about AIDS, breast cancer and cervical cancer, and programs on smoking and eating and nutrition. By reading this article through, readers should gain better insights into how they themselves can encourage better living at their workplaces.

The only way to eradicate AIDS is by creating awareness among the public, and companies can do their fair share by implementing AIDS program at work. Not just that, employers can make aware to their employees the dangers of having unprotected sex, why AIDS is so deadly and how to prevent getting it altogether. These workplace health programs that create AIDS awareness can have a lasting effect.

Women are a substantial part of any company and it is wise for employers to include women health topics in their workplace health programs. Having a program tailored for women should definitely include breast cancer as this is a very big issue. Another great idea for companies to help its women employees is to have regular mammography screening available for them.

Companies should go out of their way in promoting cervical cancer awareness among its women employees. Employers need to create awareness among its female workforce and promote getting vaccines for cervical cancer. Beyond vaccines, workplace health programs in place should continue to educate and update women on future developments of cervical cancer.

Sadly, most people know that smoking is bad for their health, yet they continue to take cigarette breaks after cigarette breaks. Because smoking is more of a social gesture, office staff and workers often smoke more at work than at any other time and place. Companies should not allow smoking to be done in the working areas as workplace health could deteriorate.

One of the biggest factors affecting human health is what we eat, thus having an in depth diet and nutrition workplace health program is key to keeping employees healthy. The reason why junk food is called junk is because our body treats junk food as junk. If the company has no canteen or have no way of implementing strict healthy food guidelines, they can always install vending machines to dispense healthy snacks like fruits or fresh juices.

Workplace health concerns are wide and varied, and cannot be studied in one sitting. This article hopes to have stirred a curiosity among readers, to create awareness that only by working together can we truly solve health problems. But in the end, working together can only achieve so much as the individual is still the key to it all.

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