What to Do About Pearly Penile Papules

Men who have pearly penile papules are usually very conscious of their condition and mostly think that these bumps in their penis are a source of embarrassment. Having these tiny tags in the penis can cause a man to lose confidence in their self-image and even sexual performance. Most of them would initially think they are doomed with some sexually-transmitted disease. The truth is, men with pearly penile papules need not be worried, at least health-wise, because this condition does not signify any health condition. They are simply an unfortunate cosmetic situation that afflicts some men, usually those in their 20s up to their 40s. The condition does not endanger their physical health, nor is it contagious. However, it can destroy an otherwise healthy self-esteem, especially with men who equate their physical appearance with confidence.

Pearly penile papules are not malignant and the papules themselves should not cause any discomfort, pain or irritation. Penile papules have been reported to disappear after years, although some papules can grow back to replace the ones that disappeared, until a man reaches his 50s. Peace of mind regarding this “problem” can be achieved by people with this condition with the correct information.

Concern 1: What to do with penis spots or bumps that leak or ooze

A man who finds his papules leaking, weeping or oozing must consult a physician as soon as possible, because he does not have penile papules. Pearly penile papules do not ooze, leak or weep, which is why they are not health hazards. If something oozes or leaks some kind of moisture, it may be a pimple, wart, an STD infection, or cancer. Thus, these leaking bumps must be treated properly.

Concern 2: Self-diagnosing a Penile Papule Condition

Men who know about penile papules may prefer to diagnose themselves and try to self-medicate because they may have read that these are not really dangerous to one’s health after all. However, there are some health conditions that bring the same symptoms as penile papules. It would be wise to have a doctor’s opinion regarding any growth on the penile skin. Someone diagnosing himself wrongly may end up getting into a worse condition. If what a guy has is indeed pearly penile papules, then at least he does not have to worry and can carry on with life as usual. On the other hand, if what a guy has is not penile papules, then ignorance of the condition is definitely not bliss.

Concern 3: Effectiveness of Home Treatment

As of the moment, men who claim to have their penile papules treated by materials found at home are few and far between. Some guys claim that toothpaste works, some endorse anti-pimple creams, while others even promote circumcision. As of the moment, the only medically proven manner of removing these bumps is by laser treatment. Laser treatment is fast, gets rid of the bumps quickly, and does not require a recovery period. Other procedures like cryotherapy and excision surgery may also be considered. Take note that these procedures can cost quite a sum, not to mention they may leave small scars in the area. But then, the scars may not look as ghastly as the pearly white bumps.

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