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Tramadol cured my back pain.

Posted at October 8, 2009

When someone tells you that you are going to suffer from a constant, nagging pain all your life, you probably hope that it’s all a bad dream. But that was not my situation. I went to the doctor after menopause had started and was prescribed a suitable hormonal treatment. I told my doctor that my neck hurt real badly in the back and I wanted something for the pain as well; he analyzed my medical history with careful attention and decided that a treatment with Tramadol was most suitable. He warned me about the potential risks of osteoporosis in menopausal women and said that I should follow his indications precisely.

As weeks passed, the pain in my neck subsided and I returned to the doctor to have an X-ray, just to be certain that I did not suffer from abnormal loss of bone tissue. Unfortunately, the X-ray picture showed early signs of osteoporosis and the doctor recommended an increase in the hormonal treatment to supply the body with the hormones that were missing. I had no intention of continuing the treatment with Tramadol for longer than it was necessary, but when I thought about the painful symptoms I had experienced, I decided that I would keep on taking the medication. When the effect of the medication passed, I noticed that the pain would appear in other parts of the spine as well, especially after I spent many hours in an upright-standing position.

Consulting with my doctor, he said that the osteoporosis might have advanced and he put me on a newly discovered treatment based on the same hormones but with increased efficiency. He decided that it was the proper moment to increase the dosage to 100 mg/day for Tramadol and he said to call if I do not feel well or the medication does not work. The following weeks after the consultation I continued to take Tramadol and I did not even want to mention how it made me feel. Sometimes I felt nauseous and just downright ill, throwing up everything I ate and going through splitting headaches. Other times, I could not eat anything and felt an intense loss of appetite and a general weakness in the body. I had read about the side-effects of Tramadol online but I had hoped that I would be an exception to the general rule.

For me, it was good news indeed that the pain in the vertebral column was not present, but sometimes the side effects were too much to bear. Tramadol had to be eliminated from my treatment plan and that was my final decision. The doctor asked me patiently to wait for another week to give my body the time to adjust to the new dosage of Tramadol. He said that these side-effects are usual when the dosage is increased and they tend to disappear after the body adapts to the new quantities of active agents. I decided to listen to him and it was a fortunate decision. During that week, I started to feel less of the side-effects until they subsided completely. Tramadol was working fine for me but there was one more problem I was worried about. Would Tramadol transform me into an addict?

I surfed the web and read all about Tramadol addiction, the way the active metabolites of Tramadol can lead to dependence and even participated in online discussions with persons who have passed through such experiences. When I went to see the doctor, he calmly explained that Tramadol can be habit-forming and this is why patients are so carefully monitored. The treatment, he said, is recommended only for patients with moderate to intense pain, long-lasting and often recurrent pain. As soon as Tramadol is no longer necessary in these patients, the dosage is reduced and the drug is eliminated from the system in a gradual manner. Well, I asked, how about me? He asked if I feel the increased need to take the medicine and if the effect of the medicine has worn off in the past few weeks. I answered no to both questions and he said that I was not addicted to Tramadol. We will be following your case, my doctor assured me, and so he did. I am still taking Tramadol under his careful supervision and I am completely satisfied with the results.

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