Aaco dalby picnic races

Joanna Jordan
Special Events
was appointed by the Australian Agricultural Company
(AACo) to manage their major sponsorship of the 2004 Dalby Picnic Race
. This role encompassed the following –

– sponsorship
contract negotiations;
– review of all Race Day print material and advertising;
– development of a PR strategy to maximise media opportunities for
AACo and the Race Day;
– coordination of accommodation, travel arrangements, seating plans
etc for AACo invited guests and executives;
– on site guest liaison;
– commissioning of The Governor’s Cup – a perpetual
trophy for the 1824 Beef Stakes sponsored by AACo;

the development of an AACo branding strategy for the Race Day.

In addition to protecting
the interests of AACo and maximising return from the sponsorship, Joanna
Jordan Special Events
was engaged to guide the Dalby Amateur Picnic
Race Club to ‘take the event to the next level’ through the staging of a corporate
luncheon at the Race Day and a Pre-Race Function the night before at the historic
Jimbour Homestead.

Joanna Jordan
Special Events
has been reappointed to further develop these event
components in 2005 and in particular to develop the Pre-Race Function into
a signature food and wine event unique to the Dalby region.

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