Quick introduction of 4 favorite k-cup holders

Just about every user of the single brew K-cup system has this challenge. How do you store and organize your K-cups neatly to avoid any hassle of getting it when you need it?

The good news is, there are many K-cup storage solutions available in current market. Let’s find out the popular options below. And simply choose one that suits your requirement to make your coffee counter top more organized.

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K-cup Carousel – This holder has begun selling by Keurig since the year of 2007. It was definitely one of the popular products when it first released. The carousel is designed to store 27 K-cups with their top portion facing outside for selection ease. Some customers actually place 2 additional K-cups on the top of the carousel to make the total storage to 29 K-cups. The K-cup Carousel also designed with an easy rotating base.

K-cup Carousel Tower – This is a very stylishly designed K-cup holder from Keurig. The K-cup Carousel Tower will definitely look good on any coffee counter top. And its combination of black and silver color, will look good sitting besides the Keurig coffee machine. It has the capacity to store up to 30 K-cups with 15 on each side. Coming with a sturdy Lazy Susan Base, it is easy to spin it to make your selection.

K-cup Storage Drawer – If holding 30 K-cups at any one time is not enough, the K-cup Storage Drawer should be a better option for you. The K-cup storage drawer is designed with the capacity to store 36 K-cups. These K-cups are neatly organized in six rows. It is designed like a drawer, you just need to slide in and out to open and close. With rubberized mat on top, it will absorb any vibrations created by the coffee system. There are plenty of rooms for other stuff such as sugar and cream.

K-cup basket- This is certain a traditional way of storing and organizing K-cups. Usually, it is designed with 2-tier basket for maximum space-efficiency. Created using good quality metal wire, the K-cup basket comes with baskets divided into half allowing you to separate the coffee, tea or hot beverage K-cups. Just wipe clean the basket to keep up its attractiveness.

The above list is by no means exhaustive, there are few more types of holder that are not selling as good as the above ones. But if you are serious in storing and organising your K-cups, these should be the selections you choose from. Whatever option you choose, it will be much more attractive than having all the K-cups lying around the counter top.

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