Lake of the ozarks missouri attractions and entertainment

The Lake came into existence over 65 years ago with the undertaking known as the Great Osage River Project. Construction of Bagnell Dam began on August 6, 1929 by Union Electric. In the midst of the Great Depression, Some 4,600 workers were employed at one time, among 20,500 total individuals over two years. It was opened to the public on May 30, 1931. Bagnell Dam at that time it was the largest man-made lake in the world

Today the Lake of the Ozarks runs from Bagnell Dam to the Truman Dam, impounding 646 billion gallons of water. It encompasses 92 square miles and has over 1,150 miles of shoreline, more than the coastline of the entire state of California. Each year nearly 3 million people enjoy the lake and its many entertainment offerings.

These activities include two scenic State Parks, boating, camping, parasailing, water-skiing, excursion cruises, scuba-diving, bungi-jumping, tubing, swimming, horseback riding, cave exploring, mountain biking, golf, miniature golf, water parks, country/western musical events, fishing, crafts, and go-carts.

In addition to the above recreational activities, the Lake has over 150 restaurants, most of which are family owned and operated and several that are five-star rated. You can find any number of fine dining experiences with the best chefs around or find a nice casual family dining place for that family gathering at reasonable prices.

Below are just some of the activities nearby to make your vacation one that you will never forget.

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