Good info

long have you been breeding dogs? How often do you breed a litter?
Business or hobby?

  • Why
    did you breed this litter?

  • What
    do you like/dislike about this breed? What aspects do you like most?

  • What
    breed traits might not make this breed the right choice for me and my

  • What
    are your requirements for new owners? Do you pick the puppy, or do I get
    to choose from all or some of the puppies?

  • What
    are the health issues with this breed?

  • Where do you raise the puppies? What do you feed them? What are the
    parents like? Are both parents on the premises? Any other relatives I can

  • Do you offer a contract or sales
    agreement? What are the terms? Do you offer a health guarantee and what
    does it cover? What health checks are done on parents and puppies? Will
    you supply health clearance certification?

  • Will you supply the registration
    when we take the puppy home? Have any vaccines been given and what will be
    needed once puppy leaves? When was the last worming?

  • What kind of training does this
    breed require? Are you available for long-term help with training or
    behavior questions or problems?

  • What kind of socializing do the
    puppies receive before they go to new homes? What socializing do you
    recommend I do after I get my new pup?

  • What happens if I cannot keep the

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