Free tickets to cavanagh success academy workshop 2011

Do you have a marketing plan?

Does your marketing plan include internet marketing?

Have you reviewed and updated your marketing plan in view of recent trends in both software and hardware technologies?

Would you like help developing a marketing plan that when enacted diligently offers you more financial and time freedom and in due course the opportunity to be your own boss?

Are you willing to help others develop a marketing plan tailored to their interests and needs?

Could helping others develop a marketing plan get you a free ticket to the Cavanagh Success Academy Thailand?

Internet Marketing Students Get Heaps of Help with their Marketing Plan

The following messages have been posted by David Cavanagh on Facebook recently!

1. FREE TICKETS TO THAILAND WORKSHOP- If you’re a coach, mentor, affiliate marketing king or queen, speaker or trainer, then why not come along and see what we do at our live workshop? If you’d like to come as my VIP Guest, let me know below and we can talk today! You need a good list, a great attitude and a strong desire to help people make money!

2. David Cavanagh One other thing – I’ll also show you how to make a LOT of money by promoting our 12 day workshop (backed up with 52 weeks coaching after the workshop). Make a lot of cash by promoting the Best Coaching Program. Talk to me now!

Find out more about the next Cavanagh Success Academy Thailand Workshop by clicking this link! Then, if you meet or exceed  David’s requirements please contact him initially via Roger at this link for David Cavanagh Support.

You also could be on stage with David Cavanagh while at the same time discovering how much you didn’t know about what you thought you knew!

AND, on the 2oth Feb 2011 David said “THAILAND INTERNET WORKSHOP – Today is the day I’m putting all of the workshop together. It’s going to be FAR FAR better than ever before, and I’m really concentrating on MONEY MAKING for all attendees. After all the systems are in place, you get out there and get the business happening, you need to make cash in order to survive! So let’s bring it on in March!”

Woohoo! David means what he says! He will deliver provided we action what he and his Cavanagh Success Academy team teaches, including developing a marketing plan that embraces it!

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