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I had this idea of 3d advertising about 2 years ago, when i first heard of milliondollarhomepage.com and its success. Back then i was more interested in the web 3d and how would it evolve and I asked myself what if I could combine the pixel advertising idea and the 3d environment. After some wannabe brainstorming it seemed a good idea to make a 3d spinning earth globe full of adverts, where location could mean something.

I was unaware of the available technologies in that time so I have tried to use a 3′rd party software like 3DSmax to pre-render the animation and then to combine the frames into a flash animation. It worked fine until the file had over 10MB , which is huge , without any chance of publishing on web.

Though few months ago I’ve stumbled upon the discovery’s Earth, something I have never seen before, pure 3d, no image stretching and other tricks and i knew that is the exact same thing i was looking for few years ago. After some google’ing I found this article http://www.adobe.com/newsletters/edge/june2008/articles/article2/ about geocoding. I did more research and I discovered Papervision 3D, the library for ActionScript 3 (Flash programming language) and the pieces started to come together. Hours later I had few documentation websites and source codes to start working at the 3d Globe. The source code and the actual stages of programming will come out soon if you stay tuned!

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