Phentermine-adipex-ionamin sales weight loss pills information on us and secure server information

About Us

  We are a
wholly US owned and operated site and we only arrange shipping in the
United States, ( excluding Kansas, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio
and Virginia ) because of those state regulations.

  When you
order through us, your details/information is carefully looked over by
a US board licensed physician to guarantee your quality of health care.
Your private information is given the closest security and privacy. We
only pass the relevant information to our suppliers/physicians/pharmacies
as appropriate-NO ONE else will ever see your information. We have carefully
selected the pharmacies that we work with to guarantee your privacy. We
choose the closest pharmacy to make sure that you will receive your medication
as fast as possible (hence reason we use FedEx, next day delivery).

Unlike other weight
loss sales sites we have taken the time to give you the most information
possible so that you are free to make the best choice for the medication
that suits your needs. We have explained the difference between Phentermine,
(the generic term for Adipex-P® and Ionamin®),
and the other weight loss drugs, so you can decide if you want the more
expensive brand name or not.

  Our online
medical questionnaire includes all the information a physician needs to
determine if you qualify before you purchase the medication. The questions
provide the physician with all relevant information he needs and these
have been approved by our suppliers/hysicians and pharmacies. This is
very important for legal reasons against the people that actually review
and ship your prescription medication. As we are merely the sales agent
for the medication, as most sales sites are. Once you have ordered you
will automatically be provided with their contact information for your
files and peace of mind. All orders are immediately and automatically
placed with the appropriate supplier/physician/pharmacy.


  Our online
ordering system uses the late
in Secure Encryption technology. All your personal and credit card information
is submitted with the highest level of security. Your personal and credit
card details are only given to the supplier/physician/pharmacy- NO ONE
ELSE. Once this information has been passed along to those that require
it, the information is deleted from our files. We do not hold this information
for any reason or purpose.

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