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CPAP Sleep Apnoea Services

The Wesley Pharmacy can efficiently manage all aspects of sleep apnoea patient care; from disease identification right through to treatment and ongoing disease management.  

Sleep Apnoea is highly prevalent – 1 in 4 men over the age of 50 have the condition.

50% of patients with hypertension also have sleep aponea

58% of patients with diabetes also have sleep apnoea

77% of obese patients also have sleep apnoea

 CPAP treatment for sleep apnoea can reduce cardiovascular risk by 64%

Sleep Apnoea Diagnosis 

The Wesley Pharmacy now provides a patient-centered, home based, sleep apnoea diagnostic service.  Home sleep studies allow you to avoid the inconvenience, expense and waiting lists associated with getting tested in a private sleep laboratory.

Every study is reported on by an independent specialist sleep physician, with fast delivery of results communicated to you and your doctor.

For qualifying patients, the sleep study is bulk billed.

Sleep Apnoea Treatment

Our service does not stop at diagnosis.  Our highly professional CPAP consultants are specifically trained to offer support through each step of your treatment; from mask fitting and setup to regular follow ups.  Our patient focused approach gives you the best chance to get a good nights sleep with your new CPAP equipment.

The Wesley Pharmacy offers a one month, no commitment,introduction period for patients to become familiar with their new treatment.  This allows you to work with our consultants to find the perfect flow generator and mask for your individual needs.  We also offer mask trials, and in consultation with your doctor, we can try a number of different masks until we find the one that best suits you.

Ongoing disease management

Our CPAP consultants not only specialise in CPAP mask fitting and machine setup, but also offer education about obstructive sleep apnoea and equipment maintenance.  We have an extensive range of spare parts for masks and machines and can arrange for manufacturer servicing of devices.

We understand the importance of continuation of treatment and regular professional follow-up.  Ongoing support and follow-up gives you the opportunity to raise any concerns about your treatment, and allows us to communicate back to your doctor how the treatment is progressing.


For more information about our home sleep studies, please contact a member of our diagnostic CPAP team directly at “

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