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Global Health Pros Staffing division strives to be the best, most flexible, full-service staffing and consulting firm available today. We have ten years’ experience in supplying hundreds of hard-to-find professionals in various business processes and in IT specialties to major global organizations. We are experts in solving most common problems that plague Business and IT consulting talent management.


Our experienced recruiters and database help you find the top Business Process consultants and IT talent quickly.


Use our try-before-you-buy options designed for your specific positions in Business consulting and IT consulting areas. Get a jump on replacements for staff leaving or fill a new slot opening up.


We can provide our employees on site when you want long term additional staff but
cannot add permanent headcount or have short-term needs for current issues or
new projects.


If you are re-engineering or undertaking major projects in your organization and systems
and you dread paying the fees of the largest consulting firms, getting junior people and not getting the level of service and expertise you deserve for your dollars. We can help you by drawing on our network of the very best independent consultants. Many have ‘graduated’ from major firms and have led the kind of projects you need. We save you time, worry, and money by finding talent to match the jobs you specify at the right price.

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