Quality control


Quality Assurance laboratory is properly designed and equipped with,
sophisticated equipments such as HPLC, FTIR, UV & Visible
Spectrophotometer and other modern test facilities.

Quality Assurance team is organized with professionally competent,
technically experienced and legally qualified personnel. The team is
continuously engaged in physical chemical and microbiological testing,
in-process checks, development of new products and process validation and
therefore ensure proper testing of Raw & Packaging materials,
Intermediate and Finished goods.


quality raw materials are being selected from established and reliable
sources through proper study, test and evaluation.

is followed in each and every step starting from receiving of materials to
the final release of finished products. Receiving, testing, and storing of
incoming raw and packing materials are carried out as per standard
operating procedures. Approved materials are used in manufacturing and
packing operations as per established specifications and instructions.
In-process quality control is carried out with thorough examination of all
production operations, house-keeping conditions, machinery and equipments
and testing of in-process materials.

goods are released for marketing only when it is found satisfactory and
meets the requirement of BP/USP or other International Pharmacopoeia which
ever specified. Hallmark Pharmaceuticals therefore ensure quality and
safety of its pharmaceutical products and therefore enables good care of
health and better living of people.

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