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How you can use Accutane

Accutane is the medication that is prescribed for the patients who have problems with severe acne. It is a pretty effective medication, but you should note that this medication should be used after all the others. Accutane contains Vitamin A and thanks to this it can treat severe acne. It is unsafe to use this medication if you have not been consulted on this by your healthcare provider. Accutane help to control the production of oil in skin. The oil in skin is produced by glands. Also, Accutane helps skin to renew faster. This medication should be taken very carefully.

It is important to determine the dose of this medication correctly. This can only be done by your healthcare provider. The dose is based on different factors that will be taken to attention by your healthcare provider. Usually, this medication is prescribed in the dose of 0.5-1 mg per one kg. This medication is taken twice a day. 15-20 weeks is a usual course of the treatment. You should also note that the dose can be adjusted for you by your healthcare provider. You should not take this medication if your healthcare provider has not prescribed you with it. You should also follow the prescription of this medication given to you by your health care provider accurately.

Precautions and side effects

Before you start taking this medication, you should make sure that you are not pregnant.Accutane may be life-threating for unborn baby. If you take this medication, you may experience a range of side effects. Some of them may be pretty severe and if you experience at least one of them, you should contact your healthcare provider to get medical help immediately. You may have agitation or aggression, depressed mood, changes in behavior, trouble concentrating, hallucinations, sleep problems, thoughts of suicide or hurting yourself.
If you have asthma, diabetes, liver problems, an eating disorder, bone disorders, etc. you should essentially tell your healthcare provider about it. You should not take the larger dose of this medication unless you consult with your healthcare provider.
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