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“I decided it was time to get dentistry work. The orthodontist (DDS) and the dental staff of Dentists Escondido welcomed me. The orthodontist (DDS) performed the dentistry procedure quickly and efficiently…” – Frankie, Escondido

“From the very beginning, your dentist (DDS) and your dental staff have always welcomed me and made me feel comfortable. In fact, my wife in Vista has decided to become your newest patient…” – Gus, Vista

“Thank you to the dentist (DDS) and the dental staff for this most incredible dentistry experience! I can’t stop smiling while walking down the streets of Escondido!” – Leslie, Escondido

“I grew up in San Marcos being very self conscious about my smile… Thank heavens for your orthodontist (DDS) and his excellent dentistry work. Thanks to the dentist (DDS) and the dental staff!” – Mary, San Marcos

“Due to your dentistry work, my teeth look very natural… The trip from Vista was definitely worth it!” – Thierry, Vista

“Thanks again for awesome dentistry work all the way from Vista!” – Oscar, Vista

“The challenging and most difficult part was to find a superior cosmetic dentist (DDS) who could perform the dentistry work, and I definitely found it with you and your dental staff!” – Wallace, San Marcos

“Finally my children in San Marcos are happy with the pediatric care they receive from your dental staff. My husband in San Marcos and I don’t worry anymore…” – Alice, San Marcos

“Thanks to the orthodontist (DDS) for being so fantastic! Thanks to your dental staff as well all the way from San Marcos!”   – Toni, San Marcos

“People in Vista always compliment me on my smile…” – Mitch, Vista

“You made going to the dentist (DDS) and getting dentistry work fun, even after driving from Vista.” – Jenny, Vista

“My family in San Marcos has gone to a different dentist (DDS) in the past but none could compare to your dentistry work and your dental staff.” – Anne, San Marcos

“Now that the dentistry work has been completed, I want to thank your dentist (DDS) and your wonderful dental staff! You made the trip from San Marcos worth it… I highly recommend you to everyone I know in town!” – Alice, San Marcos

“Just want to express my thanks as a client from Vista for your patience and excellent dentistry work… I’ll definitely tell everyone about you.” – Forrester, Vista

“The dental staff in Dentists Escondido listened to my needs. My dentist (DDS) gave me the smile of my dreams! My wife cried when she saw my smile for the first time. She couldn’t believe how beautiful my teeth are now compared to how they were before. Now I flash a smile every chance I get…” – Sam, Escondido

“I love my smile and don’t shy away from photos in Escondido anymore. The dental staff definitely changed my life in Escondido in a drastic way and my only regret is that I didn’t find get dentistry work earlier…” – Joshua, Escondido


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